Pyxix to offer video for PSP, iPod, Zune

The content distributor announced its plans to make Internet video available for mobile platforms at CES, marking yet another option for consumers in an already crowded field.

Pyxix offers content across three different types of channels, each offering a platform for up and coming entertainers to distribute their work. ComedyPop is self-explanatory, while DocuPyx offers documentaries and short films. Finally, Urban Chillers offers horror films for download.


Eventually, the company plans to add an additional two channels. One, tentatively named Musyx, will offer a way for artists to share their musical works, and another, PyxNet, which it describes as "dedicated to the promotion of artists of all genres."

Content will be provided through several different formats. While Pyxix plans to target the masses through its support of the PSP, iPod, and Zune, it will also look to provide content for the mobile screen through support for the 3gp file format.

Either way, Pyxix is entering a very crowded market. Loads of mobile content deals have been announced this past week -- it almost seems like a reoccurring theme this year -- so making its mark is going to certainly be a tough task.

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