Best Buy to begin selling DTV boxes on February 17

The electronic retailer said it was ready for the digital television transition, stocking converter boxes that would be compatible with the US government's rebate program.

The National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) offers $40 towards the purchase price of $59.99. It is only required for those who recieve over-the-air programming: those with cable of satellite service will not need the box.


In order to be eligible for the rebate, a consumer must first apply for the coupon via the NTIA Web site. Best Buy said that it has been working to inform customers of the pending transition since 2006.

Analog tuner products were pulled from its shelves in October, making it the first retailer to do so. The company said it will also launch a dedicated toll-free number for consumers to ask questions about the transition.

"The DTV transition is an event that is unprecedented in this country, and it will require a coordinated effort by broadcasters, manufacturers, retailers and the government," electronics chief Mike Vitell said "We take our role as a trusted source of information very seriously."

Besides purchasing the converter box, consumers also have the option to buy a new television. Best Buy's televisions now include digital tuners, it said.

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