Nvidia prototype handset can display high-definition video, graphics

Nvidia has announced its APX 2500 processor, taking the multimedia handset processor into its second generation, and in a game-changing prototype design.

The effort began more than a year ago with Texas Instruments' introduction of the OMAP3430 mobile architecture. Then, Broadcom answered by showing off its VideoCore III multimedia processor. They promised sophisticated graphical processing with low power consumption.

At the Mobile World conference in Barcelona, Nvidia is exhibiting a show-stopping prototype handset equipped with the APX 2500 low-power multimedia processor. Like most mobile phones, the processor is made by ARM -- Apple's iPhone runs an ARM11 processor, the ARM1176JZF, for example -- an MPCore, 16/32-bit LP DDR with support for NOR and NAND flash memory.

The graphics unit is an ultra low power GeForce core, OpenGL ES 2.0, Microsoft Direct3D mobile compliant, with Coverage Sample Antialiasing (CSAA) support and programmable pixel shading, vertex and lighting. With the low power demand, Nvidia claims the unit can deliver 10 hours of 720p HD playback, or 100 hours of MP3 audio.

NVidia APX 2500

The APX 2500 offers true dual display support, 1280 x 720 resolution with HDMI 1.2, SXGA (1280 x 1024) LCD and CRT Support, with composite and S-Video outs to TV.

NVidia APX 2500

With such attention paid to graphical processing, the touchscreen prototype unit offers a visually impressive UI, and the ability to handle graphically intensive games.

Nvidia says it has worked closely with Microsoft and anticipates that phones based upon the APX 2500 will offer a Windows Mobile package specially designed to exploit its abilities. But the prototype is not only eye candy, it also offers 7.2 Mbps HSPA, quad-band GSM, WiFi, Bluetooth 2.0, and the ability for a 12-megapixel camera (though it's not equipped with one.)

Nvidia handset

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