BitTorrent comes to the iPhone

The iPhone Hacker core has developed a new application that will allow users to download torrents directly to the device over EDGE.

A preview version of the client is now available for download, which was ported from the open source Transmission BitTorrent client to run on the iPhone's ARM processor. However, tests over EDGE show that downloads may not be completely stable just yet. The way data is sent seems to crash the data connection quickly, although at times testers were reportedly able to download files at higher data rates without crashing.


Testers are also reporting that the torrent application causes the battery to drain quickly.

It's probably best that inexperienced users wait to get this software until a more stable version comes out, as it is still a preliminary incarnation of a GUI-less command line application.

On the website for the application, the group recommends that users refrain from using the client at this time over EDGE, instead relying on the built in Wi-Fi.

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