SlySoft's AnyDVD cracks BD+...again

SlySoft, a software company located in Caribbean nations Antigua and Barbuda and maker of the AnyDVD ripping utility have announced a software upgrade that defeats the BD+ protection used on some Blu-ray discs.

BD+ is a DRM solution for Blu-ray that was initially developed by Cryptography Research Inc. In November, Macrovision struck a $45 million deal with CRI for the BD+ code and associated patents.

Weeks before the deal, SlySoft claimed it had broken the BD+ protection. This was technically untrue, though certain conditions did allow for the playback of copied content.

Yesterday, SlySoft announced again that it had defeated BD+, claiming its AnyDVD HD has the option to remove BD+ allowing "increased compatibility with titles released by Twentieth Century Fox."

The reference to Fox is no doubt addressing the movie house's reported proclamation in January that BD+ had never been compromised.

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