Blinkx upgrades the tech on its video search platform

As companies continue to look for more ways to monetize their video content, video search engine Blinkx has launched a new system to help companies manage their videos before and after they are published online.

The Blinkx Advanced Media Platform (AMP) is a technology that was developed over twelve years' time specifically to deal with video -- specifically utilizing what the company calls Conceptual Recognition Engine (CoRE) technology. With the ability to identify and extract video assets either online or offline, CoRE makes it efficient for video sharers to search and organize the videos for online sharing, while users are able to search for the content on different platforms' languages.

One part of AMP that resembles functionality available on YouTube is its ability to suggest similar videos based on previously watched content. AMP's search engine optimization (SEO) also helps to draw in new visitors, but the search capabilities and enhanced service functionality over other sites aims to convert one-time visitors into repeat visitors.

Blinkx's AMP also has the ability to use a custom video advertising platform, AdHoc, to provide video advertising that integrates into the content a user is currently viewing without interrupting it.

Sites such as YouTube and DailyMotion offer outlets for viewers to share their videos, and many companies and news outlets continue to share their content there due to the high viewership. However, there are no opportunities for content owners to control or monetize the videos once they've been published -- at least, not without them making direct content deals with the sites' proprietors, and not just anyone would have such an opportunity.

Since Blinkx does not physically control the media it shares on its Web site, it has the unique ability to help its partners and other interested parties expand and monetize their video services while at the same time increasing awareness of its own video search engine. Blinkx has active partnerships with, Real Networks, BBC News, MTV and ITN.

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