Software updates for iPhone, AppleTV, iTunes go live

[portfolio_slideshow id=28250]A little bit of digging has turned up the 2.0 version of the iPhone software on Apple's servers, while both the AppleTV and and iTunes see updates to support new functionality.

The file, marked version 2.0.5A347, can be downloaded via this link to Apple's download site. The release version is slightly higher than the last known beta version, 5A345, which was also known to be shipping on some iPhone 3G models.

MacRumors reported that the software does not work with the iPod touch.

Unlike past firmware releases, where an upgrade would only make changes to the operating system software itself, this version requires the entire device to be erased. Apple said the update would make a full backup of data before proceeding.

The new update brings to the iPhone sanctioned third-party applications via the App Store, as well as Exchange support, mass deletion of e-mails, and various other enhancements.

More than 500 applications are available from the App Store, with approximately a quarter of them being given away for free. There were some notable exceptions: One aviation information application was being sold for $70.

The company's App Store was the reason for the update to iTunes, version 7.7, which was released publicly overnight. That version is required to sync content to the iPhone 3G, as well as download and sync third-party applications to the device.

Functionality added includes support for the remote application that allows for the control and playback of iTunes content anywhere in the home via the device. That application for the iPhone and iPod touch is a free download from the App Store.

Rounding out Apple's bevy of updates is the 2.1 release of the AppleTV firmware. It also adds support for the remote application mentioned above, as well as supporting the features of MobileMe. It can be downloaded using the software update link on the settings screen.

BetaNews has tested the software upgrade, and found it to not break the "atvfiles" modification, one of the many available for the device. Thus, it is believed that Apple did not focus on blocking any hacks with this version.

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