First Android phone 'officially' on T-Mobile

While not yet formally announced by either Google or the North American arm of Deutsche Telekom, widespread reports from "briefed" sources assert that T-Mobile will be the first company offering handsets utilizing the open OS.

T-Mobile has long been rallying to be the first carrier with an Android phone, and has actually spoken on Google's behalf, saying there would be no delays in the release of such a device.


Further, Taiwanese handset manufacturer HTC, producer of T-Mobile's exclusive Dash smartphone, has promised an Android device before the end of 2008, likely in time for the holiday season.

More corroborating evidence surfaced this week, with a rather low-quality video on YouTube of a device purported to be the HTC Dream, the device widely expected to be the first Android phone.

This YouTube video (unsourced) appears to depict an HTC Dream smartphone with the Android OS.

All clues are in order, and mainstream news sources such as The New York Times have effectively declared T-Mobile's HTC Dream the "official" first Android phone. Truly official statements from HTC, Google, and T-Mobile are pending.

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