AOL updates AIM Express, Windows Mobile Messenger

Download AIM Express 7.0 from FileForum now.

Two new AIM updates geared toward keeping the mobile user connected, were launched by AOL this morning: AIM Express (IE6 & 7, Firefox 2 & 3, and Safari 2 & 3) and AIM for Windows Mobile (5 & 6).

BetaNews tracks AIM Express back to August 4, 2000, when it was added as a Java application for Internet Explorer 4.5+ and Netscape Navigator 4.72 and up. At that time, AIM Express was a useful concept for people wishing to access their buddy lists when they were away from their home AOL portal in places such as "the library, or in an Internet cafe."


That quote has changed very little in eight years. AIM Express is still geared toward those on the move, except "Internet Cafe" has been replaced with "Coffee Shop" in AIM's pitch. Others situations where AIM Express could be useful have arisen in recent years. Users of netbooks may wish to conserve memory, and network configurations or lack of format support may prevent others from running standalone AIM. Either way, there is still call for the truncated instant messenger.

AIM Express

The Flash-based AIM Express offers tabbed conversations, text messaging mode, status messages with rollover, and a wider range of browser compatibility.

AIM for mobile devices is also a long-standing entrant in AOL's messaging platform. Today, AOL announced that Windows Mobile 5 and 6 have received an updated AIM client, available for free at This version offers both AIM SMS and regular AIM messaging, status messages, and buddy icons. AIM for Windows Mobile contains advertising from Third Screen Media, Platform-A's dedicated mobile ad platform.

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