Toshiba debuts 'SRT' upconverting LCD TVs

Toshiba's new functionality -- dubbed Super Resolution Technology -- makes its debut in the company's Regza line of televisions, and promises to upconvert standard definition television to HD-like quality.

Toshiba has made several moves over the past few months following HD DVD's collapse that almost make it seem like it wants to sabotage Blu-ray, and this latest play could be considered one such move. It also announced plans in June to add firmware to SD DVD players to improve picture quality of regular DVDs.

With SRT, essentially, new algorithms will improve image sharpness, brightness, and color -- the three topics of complaints often heard from A/V aficionados when they're viewing standard-definition content on an HDTV.


Regza series RV535 and XV545 LCD sets will be the first to include this technology, Toshiba says, and should be available this month. Pricing will range from $1,399 to $2,799, and be available in 42", 46", and 52" models.

"The TV industry is now hyper-dynamic, with faster change in both technology and price points," marketing head Scott Ramirez said. "We are introducing new leading technologies, like SRT, and also strengthening our core models for the key selling season."

Both product lines will support up to 1080p resolution, and include four HDMI inputs, and Toshiba's SoundStrip technology and PixelPure 4G 14-bit internal digital video processor.

The XV545 sets, particularly, will also include a special gaming mode to improve screen response time, and ClearFrame which improves the picture quality of moving objects on the screen.

Last month, Toshiba launched its AV502 series sets with 720p resolution launched in August with three models, and two models in the RV525 series that support 1080p resolution will be shipped over the next two months. Another 22" LCD in the AV500 series is scheduled for release this month at a price point of $499.

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