Google CEO cites 'a natural fear of things getting larger'

Despite what has become international opposition to the deal, Eric Schmidt yesterday expressed his belief that Google doesn't have to receive special governmental approval to proceed with its ad-sharing arrangement with Yahoo.

In a press conference at Google's headquarters yesterday, CEO Eric Schmidt said the deal is scheduled to be completed in October, but he can't seem to get a bead on where regulators stand.


"We don't know if they think it's a good deal or poor deal," the Associated Press quoted Schmidt as saying. He was confident that the deal does not represent any anti-competitive action.

However, the scope of the combination has been grounds for concern since it was proposed. Civil rights organizations, and agricultural interest groups are among those lobbying against the deal.

"There is a natural fear of things getting larger," he told reporters, adding that Google failed to effectively convey to regulators how beneficial the combination could actually be.

Schmidt did not leave Microsoft unchecked, either, in his response to a question about rivals and trade groups attempting to block the combination. "We are quite certain that Microsoft is busy helping everyone get upset about these things," Reuters cites Schmidt as saying.

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