Stainless adds Chrome-like functionality to new Mac browser beta

Download Stainless 0.1 beta for Mac OS X Leopard from FileForum now.

It may not be Mr. Right, as browsers go, but for Mac users who may be craving Google Chrome and who can't wait for the port-over, Stainless makes a case for being Mr. Right Now.

Mesa Dynamics is quick to describe its new beta multi-process browser as simply a technology demo -- a chance to show off the multi-processing technique its developers use in Hypercube, its popular widget-to-desktop wrangler.

Chrome, according to the Google Chromium development page, will use a WebCore-rendered bitmap to pass data between the browser and the necessary rendering processes. It should be speedy (and memory friendly), but it's not cooked yet -- according to Google's dev page, its developers are still building single-process projects to test the architecture.

Stainless, on the other hand, is a bit less fancy in how it utilizes memory, but if you're running Leopard, it's a download away. The beta -- Leopard users only, please -- demonstrates some of the functionality many believe we'll see in Chrome for Mac, using one-process-per-tab multiprocessing architecture to promote better memory behavior and, in theory, greater stability. There's a private-browsing mode, and the ability to drag and drop tabs between windows -- a pleasant feature especially for those who prefer their browsing to be an orderly experience.

Screenshot of Stainless 0.1 browser for Mac OS X Leopard

And could you, should you commit to trying to turn Mr. Right Now into your one true browser? Don't give your heart away: Alas, though the company says they've got some clever ideas for managing downloads, bookmarks and browsing histories, there's no plan by Mesa Dynamics to convert Stainless into anything more than a charming browser fling -- or, perhaps, a chance to get to know its older sibling Hypercube a little better.

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