Comcast to offer bandwidth consumption monitor

Comcast will reportedly be offering a Web-based bandwidth monitor beginning January 5 to accompany the usage limits made official last October.

The 250GB monthly bandwidth usage cap for Comcast subscribers that took effect in October received some minor fallout, but has been generally viewed as a reasonable limit to a household's bandwidth consumption. The cable operator has said the limit was simply a continuation of unwritten rules previously followed.

Once standardizing this limit, however, Comcast did not provide users with a means of checking their proverbial bandwidth balance, forcing many heavy up/downloaders to employ third-party monitoring solutions to prevent unexpected overages.

Reports have now come in that Comcast will be offering a Web-based usage tracker on

In the screenshot that DSL Reports obtained from its Comcast insider, the user is provided with a "progress bar" of data use, and a bar graph of month to month usage history. The source says that the tool will debut on January 5, and will not provide real-time tracking information, but will rather work on a three hour delay.

Comcast's Usage Tracker (from

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