Is Motorola dropping Windows Mobile for Android?

Last week, Motorola told the State of Florida that it's handing out 77 pink slips in Plantation, FL, only about a week after its mid-January announcement of 4,000 job layoffs company-wide. Motorola also intends to shut down all Windows Mobile development in Plantation. Earlier, a Motorola executive in Spain told European press that Motorola intended to tail down production on Symbian devices this year so as to focus on a new family of Android phones for the 2009 holiday season.

Even last year, Motorola had already announced plans to build some sort of Android device in 2009, although details remained hazy. With Motorola now in dire financial straits, and a still economically thriving Google readying a multitouch interface for Android, speculation is rampant that Motorola will now embrace Android as its only smartphone platform, to the exclusion of both Windows and Symbian.


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