T-Mobile takes the G1 Android phone nationwide

The US geographic market for the G1 Android phone is now expanding a second time, while also this week, T-Mobile USA lobbies the US Congress for new funding around broadband wireless.

Extending across only 95 US cities on the G1's launch date last October, availability of the Android smartphone grew to 130 cities by the end of 2008 as T-Mobile USA further built out its 3G wireless network.

Today, the provider announced wider availability of the Android phone, with plans to now offer the G1 in all stores operated by T-Mobile Retail in the US, in addition to all stores run by T-Mobile partners in those markets. At the same time, the wireless provider lobbied US federal legislators to include additional provisions around broadband wireless in the nation's proposed $825 billion economic stimulus package.


Among other things, T-Mobile USA asked key lawmakers to calibrate broadband transmission speeds so that mobile services will be included, and to make broadband a part of any universal service support provided in low-income and rural areas.

With the HTC-manufactured G1, T-Mobile USA -- the US division of Deutsche Telecom -- remains the world's only commercial provider of 3G wireless services for an Android smartphone. Other manufacturers, including Motorola and China-based Huawei, have previously announced plans to introduce Android devices in 2009.

Meanwhile, Motorola today acknowledged plans to halt Windows Mobile development at its facility in Plantation, Florida, further fueling existing speculation that Motorola might drop Windows Mobile production entirely in favor of Google's Android.

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