Google Earth 5.0 shows ocean floor, Mars

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Google today announced new additions to Google Earth which include Ocean, Historical Imagery, Touring, and Google Mars 3D.

Ocean adds the ability to view undersea terrain, shipwrecks, and related content that has been submitted by oceanic exploration and science experts and advocates. Historical Imagery sounds like it would be mockups of historical architecture and landscapes, but it's actually the ability to view previous renderings of the Earth as captured by Google's hardware. Touring gives users the ability to assemble a guided tour of a certain area suitable for presentations. Mars 3D is the equivalent of Google Earth for the red planet, featuring high-resolution imagery from Mars' surface.

"In discussions about climate change, the world's oceans are often overlooked despite being an integral part of the issue, About one-third of the carbon dioxide that we emit into the atmosphere ends up in the oceans," said Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google. "Furthermore, biodiversity loss in our oceans in the next 20-30 years will be roughly equivalent to losing an entire Amazon rainforest, but this goes unnoticed because we can't see it. This is why today's launch of Google Earth 5.0 is so important -- it gives us an opportunity to change everyone's perspective."

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