Google, Citrix, T-Mobile, and LGE all settle with inventor Klausner

After first cutting deals with the likes of Apple and Sprint, developer Judah Klausner has now added four more big names to his list of legal settlements. On Tuesday, Citrix Systems agreed to license Klausner's "Visual Voicemail" -- a technology that sends visual alerts about voice messages -- for use on IP-based phones such as Cisco's that utilize Citrix' Visual Voicemail software.

Klausner Technologies arrived at a similar deal on Monday with Google, covering Android-based phones along with VoiP services offered by Google-acquired Grand Central.


Meanwhile, a recent settlement with LG calls for Visual Voicemail licensing for the Versa and other LG mobile handsets. A pact with T-Mobile covers implementations of Visual Voicemail in 17 countries through Deutsche Telekom.
Terms of all four deals were undisclosed.

Although Klausner Technologies ships no products, Klausner is a well known inventor who is also seen as contributing substantially to the early development of electronic organizers some 40 years ago. He is sometimes referred to as "the father of the PDA."

Klausner launched his long string of patent lawsuits around Visual Voicemail by hauling Apple, AT&T, Comcast, Cablevision, and eBay's Skype into court in Texas back in late 2007.

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