Nvidia offers to invest something in GPU-interested startups

In a statement this morning, graphics chip maker Nvidia said it is willing to join with others in investing in early-stage companies that seek to produce general computing software products that leverage graphics processor technology. It's the manufacturer's latest step in drumming up support for CUDA, the library that enables developers to offload heavy mathematical functionality away from the CPU and onto the GPU.

"These companies are the innovators that will fuel the continued growth of the GPU platform," reads a prepared statement this morning from Nvidia VP for Business Development Jeff Herbst. "Through this program we will provide financial, marketing and other support to help start-up companies realize their full potential and we strongly encourage interested entrepreneurs, venture capitalists and others to reach out to us with their ideas."

The company officially launched a GPU Ventures Program Web page this morning, which links to instructions as to how developers may submit their proposals for funding. Last month, the company reported a $147.6 million loss in just the last quarter; and its last 10-Q report filed with the SEC shows that its cash assets declined by 43% just between last January and October, to $461.3 million.

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