Palm Pre and Sprint reveal plan pricing options

They won't say when it'll arrive and they won't say how much it'll cost, but representatives from Palm and Sprint on Thursday were willing to talk about stuff like service plans for the wildly anticipated (though not anytime soon) Palm Pre.

It'll be the Everything plans for would-be Pre users: The available individual service plans, according to company officials will be for 400 minutes, 900 minutes, and the $100 all-you-can-eat Simply Everything option. For families, the options are 1500 minutes, 3000 minutes or (again) Simply Everything for $190. Beyond that, they say testing's going well, including on the Touchstone inductive charger, and Palm officials reaffirmed that they're not out of the Windows Mobile business yet, with more devices on the way. (David Owens, director of consumer acquisition for Sprint. also assured the webcast audience that really, they've heard every possibly Pre pun by now; no reason to offer more -- though your writer feels that pre-empting such things pre-liminary to launch is just... pre-posterous.)


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