Sony TVs get Netflix, still no PS3

Both Sony Bravia connected HDTVs and the Sony Bravia Internet Video Link module now have access to Netflix on Demand, the popular service which has already found its way onto the Xbox 360, TiVo HD DVRs, LG Blu-Ray players and HDTVs.

Netflix will reside in the Bravia Internet Video platform alongside Amazon Video on Demand, YouTube, Sony Pictures, Sports Illustrated, Crackle, Slacker,,,, and Dailymotion. Unfortunately, Sony's PlayStation 3 is not yet compatible with this service, and today's announcement did not mention the video game console.

Bravia HDTVs compatible with the Internet Video Link platform range in price from $1,799-$3,299, and the DMX-NV1 Internet Video Link module costs $199.99 and supports HD resolution depending upon the stream. A minimum connection speed of 2.5 Mbps is required, and a 10 Mbps connection is recommended for HD content.

As with all the other platforms supporting Netflix Streaming on Demand, a Netflix subscription is required.

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