AT&T denies involvement in iPhone app rejections

Responding to the FCC's probe of the rejection of the Google Voice app for the iPhone, AT&T said it has no input in the approval or denial of applications in the iTunes app store.

"AT&T does not manage or approve applications for the App Store. We have received the letter and will, of course, respond to it," the company said in a statement today.


It's a succinct explanation for an inquiry which included nine subsections, including "To AT&T's knowledge, what other applications have been rejected for use
on the iPhone? Which of these applications were designed to operate on
AT&T's 3G network? What was AT&T's role in considering whether
such applications would be approved or rejected?"

Google and Apple, also targeted in the inquiry, have not yet provided public responses. It is more than likely that Apple will invoke its rights for confidentiality in the matter.

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