DivX drops the set-top box, wants to embed DivX TV into your devices

DivX has a long history of trying to reinvent itself and this year at CES 2010, the company is attempting yet another shift: becoming an Internet TV platform for the living room. DivX TV will stream online media content to any connected device, including TVs, Blu-ray players and game consoles without requiring a separate box. Instead, the platform will be embedded directly into the device.

DivX TV content will come from the AP, blip.tv, Break, CNET, Dailymotion, Revision 3, TED, Twitter and more. The software will also be able to stream music from Rhapsody and Pandora, as well as display pictures from Picasa.

DivX is hoping to leverage its existing partnerships with consumer electronics manufacturers to give them a new way to appeal to consumers who are viewing more content online these days. It's a compelling proposition: by embedding the Internet TV platform directly into a device, there's no need to buy a separate device and gives the manufacturer a slice of the advertising revenue.

Of course, as now-defunct Internet TV provider Joost learned the hard way, the product is only as good as its content, and without movie partners like Netflix or Amazon, or major studios to rent content as they do on Apple TV, it remains to be seen whether consumers are interested in watching Diggnation on their TV.

LG is the first partner for DivX TV, and the manufacturer will include the feature in an upcoming Blu-ray player.

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