What happened to the Windows Mobile 6.5 SDK?

Late on Friday, Microsoft published the first Windows Mobile 6.5 software development kit, albeit with no announcement or fanfare. Since the operating system was released last October, the only toolkit for Windows Mobile 6.5 development was released as an add-on component to the Windows Mobile 6 SDK.

The SDK came with images for both "Professional" and "Standard" versions of Windows Mobile 6.5, also known as touch enabled, and non-touch enabled, and it reportedly also included support for the 6.5.3 update and widget development.

However, the SDK was pulled down over the weekend, because it had apparently been posted before it was even finished with testing.

This afternoon, the Windows Mobile Developer Experience team tweeted the succinct answer to questions about what happened to the SDK. "With regards to 6.5 SDK, we prematurely released an untested SDK which was not ready. We pulled it so proper testing can be completed...."

While we are not certain what Microsoft will be showing at Mobile World Congress in February, we can now at least be certain that the 6.5.3 update will be included in the SDK when it is released.

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