New CRM software from SAP lets iPhone, WinMo, BlackBerry replace PC clients

Sybase's new mobile sales application for iPhone, Windows Mobile, and BlackBerry lets users connect to SAP CRM remotely from their phones, much as they would from a desktop or laptop PC. And a new mobile workflow app from Sybase and SAP lets users play roles in multi-part business processes from their phones, an SAP representative tells Betanews.

With new business apps for iPhone, WM6, and BlackBerry smartphones rolled out on Tuesday, Sybase and SAP have now completed the first phase of a long-term pact around mobile customer relationship management and (enterprise resource planning software. In the week ahead, iPhone and Windows Mobile client software will be available for both Sybase Mobile Sales for CRM and Sybase Mobile Workflow for SAP Business Suite, said Prashant Chatterjee, director of mobility and industry analytics for SAP.

Chatterjee noted that RIM released a preliminary proof-of-concept client for BlackBerry about a year ago. But, he added, the existing smartphone software for BlackBerry, currently available on the Web as freeware, will be replaced during the second half of this year with a "full-fledged client."

In an initial deal announced in March 2009, the two vendors agreed to make business processes from SAP Business Suite Mobile 7 available on Sybase's Unwired Platform to all mobile devices, including Symbian and Palm devices as well.

Chatterjee told Betanews that the two companies will soon finish up a roadmap that will outline additional phases of their pact.

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