Dropico lets you drag and drop photos between sites

Dropico is a new rich Web application that lets users manage their photo albums from Facebook, Twitter, Picasa, Flickr, Photobucket, Myspace, and Bebo all in one central location with a simple drag and drop interface.

Users pair their accounts from those sites with Dropico, and then they can pull photos off of one site, edit them, and pipe them down to another site quickly and easily. Additionally, users can pull photos from their friends or favorite profiles and move them to other sites. For example, if you follow the Library of Congress' Flickr stream and you discover something that you really like, you can drag it from the Flickr window over to the Twitter window and post it to your Twitter feed via yfrog, twitgoo, or twitpic.

An account on Dropico comes with a free .mobi email address associated with your login info. With that, you can mail photos to yourself and they'll show up in your Dropico mobile folder. While it is certainly a handy feature, it is only of limited usefulness since pictures must be sent one by one by devices with email capabilities.


Other devices such as Eye-Fi connected cameras or the Nintendo DSi (which can upload pictures directly to Facebook) cannot take advantage of this feature. It's just as well though, since their content is received through Dropico's connection with other sites.

Overall, it's an easy and functional service which is especially useful for social photo sharing.

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