Intel declares 'best quarter ever,' after 34% annual jump in revenue

Chipmaker Intel Corp. has posted its earnings for the second quarter of 2010, and with revenue of $10.8 billion and a net income of $2.9 billion, declared it to have been the company's best quarter ever.

Strong demand from corporate customers for our most advanced microprocessors helped Intel achieve the best quarter in the company's 42-year history," said Paul Otellini, Intel president and CEO. "Our process technology lead plus compelling architectural designs increasingly differentiate Intel-based products in the marketplace. The PC and server segments are healthy and the demand for leading-edge technology will continue to increase for the foreseeable future."


Intel's Atom line of low-profile, low power chipsets was up 16% over last quarter, reaching revenue of $413 million, and with a slightly higher average selling price for processors, the company had record high revenues in both its mobile processor and server microprocessor categories.

7 Responses to Intel declares 'best quarter ever,' after 34% annual jump in revenue

  1. OneToOne says:

    Intel declares 'best quarter ever'

    Joe Wilcox 'eats crow'

  2. slumbergod says:

    Gee, it's hard to smile about massive (and I mean MASSIVE) corporate profits when the average person is struggling to get by. Maybe Intel could afford to drop their prices and give everyone else a break? Or maybe they are just showing they are beyond greedy in the current economic climate.

    • PC_Tool says:

      If people stop buying their pricier products and only buy their "value" products, perhaps they will. But so long as the average joe (read: OEM) buys their high-end products, where's the problem??

      ...oh, right. You wants, you wants, you wants!

      Yeah. Gotta love the entitlement.

    • TroyGates says:

      Higher profits means they will expand which means more jobs.

    • dwick says:

      Gee... Apple announced similar massive (and I mean MASSIVE) record corporate profits ($3.07B on $13.5B revenue) in Apr 2010 when the average person was presumably struggling to get by. I don't recall seeing any calls then for Apple to drop their prices to give everyone else a break - or any accusations of Apple being beyond greedy in the current economic climate. On the contrary, Apple and Steve Jobs are widely lauded and revered for their success.
      (NOTE: Intel employs ~80,000 people worldwide while Apple only employs ~35,000 - who's 'beyond greedy' now?)

      And at least Intel still employs a not insignificant number of US-based production workers (huge production wafer fabrication facilities in AZ, NM, and OR) - rather than have all their products contract manufactured in Asian production houses under near sweat-shop conditions.

  3. PC_Tool says:

    Are you guys even working on this spam issue?? As of right now, this article "claims" 25 posts....6 of which are actually still here.

    Nice ratio of spam to actual comments...

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