Windows Live Sync to become Windows Live Mesh after beta

Microsoft's two sync offerings --Windows Live Sync and Windows Live Mesh-- were combined into a single program called Windows Live Sync beta for the beta of Windows Live Essentials. Today, Microsoft announced it's reversing that decision, and the combined program will be called Windows Live Mesh after the beta expires.

The decision to change the name was made because Microsoft felt that since the new program will do more than just sync files, it should have a name that reflects what it does.

Fortunately, it is more than just a name change, and some improved features will be added to Live Mesh once the Windows Live Essentials 2011 beta is complete.

Allison O'Mahony, Principal Program Manager Lead, Devices & Roaming at Microsoft listed a few noteworthy additions to the service Friday.

First, users will be able to sync hidden files, and keep track of files missing between synced devices. Secondly, Cloud storage will be bumped up from 2GB to 5GB. This storage is completely separate from SkyDrive and Live Hotmail storage, but O'Mahony said the team will consider ways to improve communication between these different services in the future.

Finally, the application's load time has been cut in half, CPU consumption at idle has been cut down by 30%, and syncing large quantities of folders and syncing across multiple devices is faster.

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