Verizon moves in on Google's turf again with V CAST Apps

Verizon appears to be moving further away from Android's Google and open source core premise this week as it has begun to ask for submissions to its own app store, expected to debut as early as next week. The carrier appears to be following a similar structure to that of Apple, where apps must go through an approval process and revenues are split between Verizon and the developer.

It is not clear from reports that originally appeared on Android enthusiast site Android and Me Monday whether or not Verizon plans to replace the Android market with V CAST Apps. However it would not be the first time the company would have altered Android.

Microsoft's Bing has gotten top billing on Samsung's Fascinate, Verizon's latest Android smart phone. It's not clear whether Samsung or the carrier is behind the change in search -- however its very difficult to switch it back to Google, those who have reviewed the phone say. The change is pretty much universal, including the mapping functionality.

To get their apps listed, developers will have to submit their apps to Verizon for approval, which is available at no cost. The applications would need to be Android 2.2 compatible -- only those devices would be able to run V CAST Apps initially -- and revenues would be split with Verizon taking 30 percent.

While the emergence of Verizon as an app purveyor may not be the best news for Google, it certainly could answer some complaints of developers. With the Mountain View, Calif. company making it easier for just about anyone to develop applications, and no approval process in the Android Market, legitimate apps are finding themselves lost in a sea of imitative and poorly developed apps.

Approval process like Apple's and the planned one for V CAST Apps typically will ensure better quality -- although not always.

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