Motorola co-CEO says company will release a tablet in 2011

The tablet PC sector is heating up, and soon Motorola will be joining the fray. Its co-CEO Sanjay Jha told attendees of a technology conference sponsored by Deustche Bank that his company plans to sell a tablet beginning sometime in 2011. Motorola isn't in a rush to bring the product to the market: it would only do so when it can assure the device could be competitive.

Apple's iPad currently dominates the market, but manufacturers in recent months have shown an interest in developing their own tablets as it appears there is now a sustainable market for them.

Google's Android is the operating system of choice for these new entrants -- and although Jha didn't specify, the company's existing deep commitment to the platform suggests it would likely power Motorola's tablet too.

Indeed, rumors began to swirl in August that the company was planning to build a tablet computer with similar dimensions to the iPad. Verizon was also said to be part of the effort, and the device would tie in to the company's FiOS television service.

It also showed off a prototype Android-based tablet at CES as well, so the company has been working on tablet form factors well before this week's announcement.

While Jha is interested in the tablet market, he said it's not his only focus, he said the company is also looking into other form factors that are "even more smartphone-centric." He made no indication what those might be, however.

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