AT&T should shut up about Verizon iPhone

I see over on Business Insider that AT&T's PR boss is already bashing the Verizon iPhone that will be announced [this] week.

AT&T should shut up.

I still can't use my iPhone in parts of San Francisco and at Consumer Electronics Show? AT&T was nearly unusable.

AT&T has absolutely no credibility to bash its competitors. It has, simply, provided horrible service over the past three years and I'll be very happy to leave it, even if top-end speeds are slightly slower.

Why am I happy to leave AT&T? Because it has proven unable to support us at big events. Yes, South by Southwest was pretty good. But the World Series? Unusable. CES? Unusable. Web 2 expo? Unusable.

They refuse to make the kinds of investments they need to make to keep our service up and running and now they are trying to bash Verizon?

Hello AT&T. Every Verizon phone last week at CES worked just fine.

You should shut up. Maybe after 40 percent of your customers leave because you mistreated us for so long your service will be faster. But it won't matter at that point because you mistreated us for so long.

Sincerely, Robert Scoble, a guy who has paid you many thousands of dollars over the past three years to have your horrid service.

Update: Oh, and now I see that Verizon is going to be offering iPhone/Verizon users unlimited data plans, in contrast to your lame 2GB cap.

Reprinted with permission.

Robert ScobleRobert Scoble is a long-time tech and video blogger who works for Rackspace, where he is part of the building 43 project. He started blogging in 2000 at; from 2003-2006 he was a high-profile Microsoft evangelist blogger, and he helped start Channel 9. Scoble grew up in Silicon Valley. He is @scobleizer on Twitter.

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