Amazon rolls out the first 'Kindle Singles,' short form e-books

Wednesday, Web retailer Amazon launched its Kindle Singles line of literature designed specifically for consumption on e-readers. The works, priced between $1.00 and $3.00, include original works of prose, essays and theses, and the the first TEDBooks.

Last October, Amazon introduced Kindle Singles as a format ideally suited for the reading habits of e-reader users. They are longer than a magazine article and shorter than a novel (around 20,000 words or 60 pages,) and specifically tailored to deliver well-developed content in a very direct manner, sort of like Reader's Digest condensed literature.

"Just as iTunes allowed people to build new listening habits around individual music tracks, instead of albums, so the new reading technologies allow instant distribution of books of any length --facilitating new, more focused reading habits," said TED today in an announcement.

"The response to our announcement of Singles has been great," said Russ Grandinetti, Vice President of Kindle Content.

Still, Amazon says the "call remains open" for writers, thinkers, scientists, business leaders, historians, politicians and publishers looking to take advantage of the new format and ultimately bring Kindle as much unique content as possible.

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