Tip: Deskovery adds real functionality to Mac OS X desktop windows

Working with multiple windows on your Mac can be a real pain; sure you have the Dock to help you switch between them, but the functionality is still quite limited, all things considered. This is where Deskovery comes in: this small, lightweight application adds a number of useful features that provide real assistance when managing all those open windows.

Its main functionality is accessible from the green maximize window button: click and hold the mouse on there and you'll see a tiny pop-up window appear with a host of options. These are designed to allow you to work with two or four windows visible at once: just choose the appropriate option to resize and pin the window to a corner or edge of the screen.

Deskovery has some other tricks up its sleeve too: just click and drag a window and you'll see it wobble as it moves. Wiggle the mouse and it'll wobble more violently. Is it of any use? No, but it's a nice effect all the same.

Of more practical benefits are the ability to view a list of all open windows simply by rolling the mouse to the left of the screen -- a pop-up window appears and you just have to click on the window you wish to switch to.

A magnetic option allows you to "snap" windows to the screen edges by dragging them to within 20 pixels of the border. You can also enhance two built-in Mac OS X features: if you switch on Snow Leopard's Spaces feature, the Deskovery icon will display previews and allow you to switch between them from the dock. It also improves the zoom feature that's part of Universal Access -- when enabled, you can resize windows with a single click.

Deskovery requires Mac OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) to run, and costs $24.99. A 14-day trial version is available, a definite good thing seeing how expensive it is.

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