Quick Bar makes trending topics easier on Twitter for iPhone

The official Twitter app for iOS has been updated with a new Quick Bar that provides easy access to trending topics from the comfort of your timeline. The new feature is exclusive to the iPhone version of the app, but iPad users can also benefit from features and tweaks added to both versions of the app.

The bar appears at the top of the screen, and you can scroll through trending topics by simply swiping left or right. The trending topics feature has also been updated so that trends are displayed based on your current location.

When it comes to mentioning other Twitter users, a new autocomplete option makes it easier to enter usernames, while the DM (direct message) view has also been enhanced so that it now closely mimics iOS's chat view. The inclusion of lengthy URLs has also been fine-tuned. Any URL that is pasted into a tweet will be automatically shortened and therefore only occupy 20 characters of your permitted 140.

But it doesn't end there. Although this is only a seemingly minor update, the tweet composition screen has also been updated. The screen used to create a text is now cleaner and more streamlined than in the past, and when it comes to adding usernames and hashtags to your tweets, autocomplete springs into action.

In addition to all of this, it is now also easier to upload images, and you can scan your contacts to see if any of your friends are using Twitter unbeknownst to you. To find out more about this update and to download a copy of the app, pay a visit to the Twitter review page.

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