Tip: Alter your voice on Skype calls

Used for business or pleasure, Skype provides a great cross platform means of keeping in touch with your contacts anywhere in the world. While many people use the messaging tool merely to send text based instant messages, it can also be used to conduct Internet based phone calls and conference calls. Skype Voice Changer is a free add-on that enables you to do exactly what you might assume from the name.

Once granted permission to access Skype, the program can be used to change the sound of your voice during VoIP conversations in real time. Using the application is simple enough, simply select from one of a number of predefined special effects that are included and start a voice chat in Skype. It really is that simple.


Each of the bundled effects can be customized in a variety of ways, so you can create something that sounds truly unique. While it is possible to purposefully adjust settings such as Delay and Feedback, there's great fun to be had in simply randomly selecting settings and seeing what the results sound like.

What started out as an audio project by creator Mark Heath, quickly gathered quite a following. If you are a Windows Skype user and fancy trying out this free utility, pay a visit to the Skype Voice Changer review page to find out more and download a copy.

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