Pinta: Paint.NET clone for Linux and Mac OS X

PintaFor fans of digital photography, there is certainly no shortage of image editing tools to choose from, but the problem is that many of them are expensive. Free editing tools do exist, but it can be hard to track down one that is not too basic. For Windows users, Paint.NET has offered a neat balance between power and ease of use, and now this option has been brought to Mac and Linux users thanks to the cross-platform Paint.NET clone Pinta.

Just like Paint.NET, Pinta is light on system resources and has been designed so it performs well even on older hardware. Unlimited leveld of undo and support for an unlimited number of layers in projects means that there is plenty of scope to get creative. As the application is available for Windows, Mac and Linux, anyone who works with different systems can continue to use the same tool no matter which computer they are using.

The free application can open and edit Photoshop images, and there are a number of filters as well as familiar tools that can be used to edit and enhance your images. Pinta boasts a pleasingly customizable interface, so if you have tired of the restriction imposed by other image editors, here is one that will enable you to place tools exactly where you find them to be most useful.

Comparisons with GIMP are almost inevitable, and many users are likely to find that Pinta is infinitely more accessible. It may not include all of the tools and features found in the likes of Photoshop, but for day to day editing and beyond, there's plenty here for most people.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the program by paying a visit to the Pinta review page.

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