Google introduces pre-rendered search results with Instant Pages

Last year, Google debuted Google Instant, a feature that took search suggestions a step further, and instantly returned search results as the user typed.

Today, Google announced it has taken it yet another step further and it can now pre-render the pages it pulls up in search results, so when users click away, the page has no load time.

In a demonstration today, Google showed a regular version of Chrome side by side with Chrome with Instant Pages. To click on a search result and pull up its linked page took 3.2 seconds in the regular version of Chrome. With Google Instant Pages, it took less than a tenth of a second.

The new Instant Pages pre-rendering technology is available right now in Chrome's developer channel, and it will be coming later this week to Chrome Beta. Both a mobile version and a stable Chrome version will be released "in the coming weeks."

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