Chrome Remote Access Beta: Have mom install it right away

Anyone who has tried to provide computing assistance over the phone will know just how frustrating an experience it can be. Without the ability to interact with a problematic computer, it can be hard to diagnose just what the problem is, and having to rely on someone else to explain what the issue is can be all but useless. There are a number of remote access tools that can be useful in these circumstances, but Chrome Remote Desktop Beta is an extension for the Chrome browser that brings remote access to the web browser.

The extension can be used from a Windows, OS X or Linux based machine, and the only requirement is that both computers involved need to have both Google Chrome and the extension installed. As things stand, Chrome Remote Desktop Beta is unlike many other remote access tools in that someone needs to be in front of both the host and client computers.

This is because an authentication code needs to be generated and provided to the other party in order to grant access. This is an understandable security steps that should be praised, but it does mean that the extension cannot be used to take remote access of your own home computer when you are in the office.


However, as a tool for providing remote assistance, this is an impressive extension. If you find that you are frequently providing telephone support to your friends and family, you might want to start insisting that they have this extension installed ready for when they next need your help.

You can find out more and download a free copy of the extension by paying a visit to the Chrome Remote Desktop Beta review page.

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