Future Photoshop feature signals end of the blurry photograph

Adobe may have the solution for all those blurry photographs on your digital camera you were about to trash: a YouTube video of a presentation by the company at its annual MAX developers conference shows a prototype "deblurring" feature that may make it into a future version of Photoshop.


The so-called "blur kernel" attempts to decipher how the camera was moved in order to remove the blur from it. By doing this, it then will be able to remove the blur successfully, the YouTube video shows.

Removal is two separate steps: an analyzing process to understand the blur, and then the actual process of removal itself, but the results are outstanding. The plug-in even has a special feature to deal with blurry text, allowing the sharpening of those cell phone images of something you wanted to read but couldn't.

The user can either select to deblur an entire image or just sections of it. Obviously, in some cases selecting a smaller region may be ideal given the long processing times entire images may take to re-render.

The company's representatives on stage would not commit to a release date for the feature or if it would even ever appear in the software itself, but judging from audience reaction you would think they have certainly made a good first impression.

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