Hacked! Environmental activism site Care2, users exposed

Care2.com, a site dedicated to environmental awareness, petitioning, and charitible donation with more than 17 million members has been hacked, according to a message from the company Friday morning.

The message to users on Friday was from Care2's Founder & President Randy Paynter. It said:

We have discovered that Care2.com servers were attacked, resulting in a security breach. The hackers were able to access login information for Care2 member accounts. Our team has worked to secure Care2.com against this type of attack from recurring.

To protect Care2 members we are resetting access to all Care2 accounts. The next time you login to Care2, you will be automatically emailed a new password, which will enable you to access your Care2 account as usual.

To recover your password, you can also visit our password retrieval form and enter your username or email. Your password will be emailed to you.

To secure your privacy, we highly recommend you immediately change your password for any accounts that share the password you previously used on Care2.

We sincerely apologize for this inconvenience. We take the security of our members very seriously and are taking these extreme steps to reduce the chances of any possible negative consequences.

The site is a privately-held nonprofit, and it supports environmental organizations such as The Nature Conservancy, Environmental Defense, Wildlife Conservation Society, National Wildlife Federation, Defenders of Wildlife, and World Wildlife Fund.

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