Google+ redesign generates wicked #whitespace meme [slideshow]

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People have too much time to waste, and I'm not one of them. But occasionally I have fun and write about others goofing off. Waste away, baby, because today's Google+ redesign has generated strange reaction to a sudden amount of white space to the right of the friend feed. People are posting with hashtag #whitespace.

Google Plusers are finding all kinds of uses for that white space, which brings new meaning to making something out of nothing. It's fascinating watching the white space viral geekfest. I must live in an alternate universe, because it's just white to me. Or perhaps I lack any real sense of creative humor (don't comment on that!). Anyway, I've grabbed 15 photos from Google+ -- all credited, but none taken with any permission first (hey, they were shared publicly).

Jonathan Chalker wins my vote for best #whitespace meme contribution, with this fako news story:

Google Acquires WhiteSpace For $120M

In a surprise move perhaps intended to counter Facebook's acquisition of Instagram, Google has purchased a little known app company, WhiteSpace, which cleverly adds large, random pockets of white space to any interface.

When asked why WhiteSpace posed an interest, David Lawee, Head of Google's Business Development team responded:

"There are synergies here, the scale of which we don't yet fully understand. The color white, to Google, is like air. WhiteSpace is like air in outer space and everyone agrees it would be cool if there was more air in outer space. It is equally as cool to have more white in our space".

Lawee refused to speculate as to whether WhiteSpace would be added to their new Google Glasses interface.

What would you do with all that white space?


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