Keep out prying eyes with Wise Folder Hider

You don’t need something to hide to have something to hide. Whether you share your computer with others, or your machine is situated somewhere that other people may be able to access it, there’s a high chance that it has files stored on it that you would like to keep private. Documents relating to personal and financial issues are the sorts of files that should be kept away from unauthorized eyes, and Wise Folder Hider Beta is a free tool that makes it easy to do just that.

There are various ways in which you can make sensitive files more difficult to access, but this handy security tool helps to make things as simple as possible. Protecting the files you would rather other people were not able to see take little more than signing into the program account you have created and then dragging and dropping the relevant files and folders onto the program interface -- this can be done on an individual basis, or you can choose to hide a whole bunch in one go.

The files and folders you select will be completely hidden from view until you access the program and opt to make them visible again. For extra protection, you can also choose to add a password to your hidden files in case you step away from your computer and forget to lock your hidden files. The fact that there is support for user accounts opens up the possibility of every user of a single computer working in the same Windows user account while still retaining the ability to keep their own documents private.

Wise Folder Hider Beta can also be used to prevent unauthorized access to any USB drives you have attached to your computer. In just the same way as for files and folders, you can choose to make a particular drive invisible. By taking this simple step, you make it much more difficult for someone else to access the data stored on the drive, or to use it to store their own personal documents. The program is currently in beta, but it seems stable and reliable – and it’s completely free of charge.

You can find out more by paying a visit to the Wise Folder Hider Beta review page.

Photo Credit: Kheng Guan Toh/Shutterstock

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