Minor update adds more languages to jAlbum 10.6

Web album creator jAlbum has been updated to version 10.6 with a range of bug fixes and feature enhancements. Mac users can now take advantage of a native file chooser that can be used to add folders and images to an album, but there are also numerous tweaks and updates to the Windows and Linux versions of the app to take a look at.

One of the great things about jAlbum is that skins can used to create a completely unique look for your online albums, helping to avoid the risk of looking like everyone else's. This minor update includes an updated version of the Turtle skin, but most of the changes are under the hood. Translators have been hard at work providing updated text in Brazilian Portuguese, German, English, Swedish, French, Spanish, Finnish, Slovak, Polish, Slovenian, Romanian and Korean, and language information is now added to published albums.

Other changes include the ability to sign out of your account and leave your license active and a slightly modified way to activating a software license. While none of the changes and additions are particularly ground-breaking, these are merely polishing tweaks to an established and accomplished app that provides users with a powerful and flexible way to create galleries to show off their digital photographs.

As you would expect from any program update, there are also a range of bugs fixes including one that prevented certain PNG files from being processed. If you have experienced problems with the code generated by jAlbum, you should hopefully find that these issues have been addressed in the latest release as there have been a number of changes made to fix specific errors.

You can find out more and download a free trial of the app by paying a visit to the jAlbum 10.6 review page.

Photo Credit: marekuliasz/Shutterstock

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