Google unveils Nexus Q, the 'Tiny Android computer'

If Boxee shook up the design world by turning the standard set-top box form factor into an odd geometric shape, Google has completely eliminated the "box" from the equation, and unveiled the Nexus Q, a streaming home entertainment hub for connecting your TV to your Android devices and to Google Play for content distribution.


It features:

OMAP 4460 chip (same as the Galaxy Nexus)
Android OS
25W audio amplifier
Optical digital audio output
Dual-band Wi-Fi
NFC, Bluetooth
Micro USB

Google has described it as an Android computer, but it is clearly designed to be a competitor with home audio consumption tools like the Sonos Wi-Fi audio system for iTunes. We're gathering more information on the device as it's announced, so stay tuned!

11 Responses to Google unveils Nexus Q, the 'Tiny Android computer'

  1. chinch987 says:

    laughable product....

    absurd price

    horrible shiny bowling ball looks that fits nowhere in the living room

    The nexus name needs to go also, the appeal to women is less than zilch (women would think of hair products actually )

  2. lvthunder says:

    So it's basically AppleTV for Andriod users.

    • NaturalX says:

      You got that backwards.  It's an extension of Google TV and Apple TV is basically Google TV for IOS users.

  3. Neoprimal says:

    I don't really understand the Q. I see it as a potentially rounded media device, period but they've only mentioned music streaming/etc from the cloud. It seems like direct competition for the Sonos, but the specifications are overkill for just music and at $299 for the box and $399 for the speakers I dare think there's way more to it than we're learning about right now? I could be wrong.

  4. Sparxx2k7 says:

    It makes me want to lure it closer and hit the EMP button to keep it away from the Nebuchadnezzar 

  5. John Mann says:

    I keep on thinking that maybe Google forgot to mention that it includes all the features of Google TV. Surely, Google can't be this stupid to create a single-function device that can easily be added to a Google TV with a software upgrade. Sure, you can plug speakers directly into it but how many people own speakers but no receiver to plug them into?

  6. ilev says:

    A $99 media streamer/set-top box for $299 just because it is Made-in-USA ?

  7. swattz101 says:

    I'm still not sure what this is. What is in it that makes it workth the $299 price? Hopefully there is more information coming out on this, as at the moment, it doesn't seem worth the price.

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