Google polishes iOS, adds Chrome trim

In its second day keynote at the I/O 2012 developer confab, Google announced it has brought the Chrome browser to Apple's iOS.

Macquarie analyst Ben Schacter recently released a report that stated that Apple may already be reviewing the app, estimating that it should be released second quarter of this year. However, due to the restrictions in Apple's developer terms of service, it's not going to be the full Chrome experience.

Apple's app rules, after all, do not allow third-party apps to duplicate the built-in functionality of default iOS apps, which naturally includes Safari Mobile. Officially, Google is being a little light-handed with the information right now. Third Party Browsers on iOS are relegated to running a customized interface over Safari Mobile. This includes other browsers such as Firefox Home, Dolphin, and Skyfire.

If Google does get to release Chrome for the iOS platform, here's to hoping that Google Sync will be in it, plus all those lovely Web extensions. Get the software here.

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