O&O Defrag 16 improves SSD support, runs 40% faster

O&O Defrag 16, the latest incarnation of the company’s ultra-configurable defrag tool, is now available. And the new feature O&O highlights in particular is a new Time View, which the company says helps you understand which of your defrag actions have delivered particular performance optimisations.

The idea here seems reasonable. The more specific feedback you get from the program, the better you should understand how it’s working, which should in theory help you to make better defrag choices in future.

But on the other hand, O&O Defrag has always provided plenty of detailed reports and histories: will the new Time View really be that much more effective? Time will tell.

Fortunately there is more to the new release than the extra reporting capabilities, though, and O&O Defrag 16 sees solid improvements all round, with the program launching more quickly, making better use of TRIM to optimize SSDs, making smarter choices when working with blocked files, and defragmenting regular drives up to 40 percent faster than before.

And of course the program retains its extreme configurability, which sees users able to choose from eight possible defragmentation strategies (or create one entirely of their own) to properly optimise your system’s performance in just about any situation.

O&O Defrag 16 remains an excellent defrag choice for power users, then, and if you’d like to check it out then a 30-day trial build is available now.

Photo Credit: Oleksiy Mark/Shutterstock

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