Let the porting begin: Open webOS 1.0 launches

It's been ten months since HP open sourced webOS, the attractive Web-based operating system that proved to be the last hurrah for smartphone pioneer Palm. Today, the Open webOS team announced the availability of Open webOS 1.0, the first official build of the open source platform for both desktop and embedded environments.

This release includes support for the Enyo2 core application framework, the Nyx portability layer, support for the latest Qt framework and WebKit engine. It also includes the OpenEmbedded build system for embedded Linux environments, and also a desktop build. It also has the signature webOS "card-based" user experience and core apps (Web browser, email client, calendar and contacts, clocks and memos).

Chief Architect, Steve Winston shows in the video below a build of Open webOS 1.0 that has been ported to the HP TouchSmart All-in-One PC.

All of the packages released today can be downloaded here, so if you're looking to bring the elegant webOS to a new form factor, hop to it!

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