Tune up your PC with System Mechanic 11.1

LA-based iolo Technologies LLC has announced a minor update to its flagship PC optimization tool. System Mechanic 11.1.1, also available in cut-down freeware form as System Mechanic Free 11.1.1, delivers a number of enhancements and minor adjustments to the major 11.0 release, designed to eke that little bit more improvement from customer PCs.

There’s enhanced ActiveCare and AcceleWrite functions, the ability to remove clutter without rebooting your PC and a streamlined Windows 8 installation among other tweaks.

Version 11’s headline new feature was AcceleWrite, which promises to optimise files as they’re read and written to the hard drive. Configured for both traditional platter-based drives and the new solid-stage storage drives, iolo marketed AcceleWrite as a practical alternative to defragmentation, promising improved performance and reduced drive wear.

System Mechanic 11.1 delivers two notable tweaks to this new technology: first, it promises better overall performance with small files, plus enhanced general control and usability.

Also introduced in version 11 was Windows 8 integration, and version 11.1 promises a streamlined installation experience on Windows 8 PCs. The ActiveCare component has also been tweaked with better controls and the promise of “further transparent optimization”.

Other improvements include enhancements to the boot time behaviour of both Registry Compactor and Drive Accelerator tools. System Mechanic 11.1 also promises faster updates of Tune-Up Definitions thanks to better reporting and installation. It also does away with the need to reboot the PC after completing a clutter removal task via the PC Cleanup module.

iolo System Mechanic 11.1 is available as a free trial download for PCs running Windows XP or later -- the full version retails for $49.95. A cut-down freeware version, iolo System Mechanic Free 11.1.1 is also available.

Photo Credit: 3DDock/Shutterstock

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