New Samsung ads claim Galaxy S III makes you cool

Rather than beat a dead horse by continuing "The Next Best Thing is Already Here" campaign Samsung is playing the cool card in three new commercials for the Galaxy S III smartphone.

If the idea is to deliver memorable video ads, Samsung probably is on the right track by highlighting various functionality in different contexts that actual customers can relate to (or at least wish they do). Let's take the working dad that is about to leave on a "Work Trip". The family walks him to the car, but just before leaving the kids say they made a video for him to watch on the airplane, which is shared afterwards using S Beam. Then the wife steps in and tells her husband that she also made a video that he "probably shouldn't watch on the plane," then yet again uses S Beam. Pretty cool without overdoing it.

Samsung still hasn't forgotten about its main rival, the iPhone,  in the "Game On" commercial that portrays two people playing a game. "How can I win? Your screen is like as big as my phone", is what the man using the iPhone says to the female next to him that has a Galaxy S III. She promptly responds with "Not everything is about winning". while his "I like to win" line is promptly dismissed by the old woman sitting next to the two that says "You like to whine". The idea is obviously to dismiss the iPhone's screen, but without making a big deal about it like the "The Next Best Thing is Already Here" commercials.

The third video is titled "Date Night" and takes two people through what appears to be their first date. The man uses the Galaxy S III to play music on the home entertainment system, but "by mistake" Spice Girls start playing in the background. His date sends him a new playlist by touching phones, which he then answered with "Yeah, I was gonna play that too".

Apart from the more obvious note that exudes from the videos, Samsung wants the Galaxy S III to appeal to both women and men which from the size perspective the iPhone even in its latest iteration has to upper hand in terms of pocketability. Whereas it succeeded to deliver the right message, which is represented by its features, or not it's up to you to decide.

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