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Hawkeye Firefly 8S is an awesome 4K action camera that won't break the bank [Review]

Hawkeye Firefly 8S waterproof case

GoPro started a trend when it launched the Hero4 line with 4K video recording. Today, it is pretty much impossible to find a new action camera that does not advertise this feature -- even when, in reality, most are not actually capable of it.

The Hawkeye Firefly 8S is different. It is the first action camera that I have tested that offers true 4K video recording. It is also among the most affordable options on the market, which, on paper, makes it great value for money. But how good is it in the real world? I've tested it to find out.

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Safari has more security vulnerabilities than all other major browsers combined

Safari on mac macos

Apple's Safari has more security vulnerabilities than Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Microsoft Edge and Internet Explorer combined, according to a new report from Google's Project Zero.

Using an automated testing tool called Domato, Project Zero's Ivan Fratric analyzed the most popular desktop browsers and discovered two security vulnerabilities in Chrome, four in Firefox and Internet Explorer, six in Edge and 17 in Safari.

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iPhone 8 Plus has the best smartphone camera


If taking great photos and videos is important to you, then the iPhone 8 Plus is the best smartphone that you can get right now. That's according to camera testing site DxOMark, which says that Apple's new flagship range tops its charts in nearly every category, featuring "outstanding image quality."

The iPhone 8 Plus comes ahead of every other smartphone in DxOMark's mobile rankings, including the smaller iPhone 8 which takes second place. It basically wipes the floor with every other rival flagship, including the well-received Google Pixel and HTC U11.

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Xiaomi's next Mi flagship may come with wireless charging [Update]


Xiaomi has joined a long list of companies as a member of the Wireless Power Consortium, the group that is behind the popular Qi wireless charging standard -- which may very well be a standard feature on its next Mi flagship.

Xiaomi has not made an announcement, but the fact that it is now listed on WPC's website as one of its members is enough to make it official. It joins the likes of Apple and Samsung as a backer of Qi wireless charging.

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OnePlus will update core apps through Google Play

oneplus 5

A few years ago, the only way you could get updates for core apps on your Android device was through operating system updates. Then, manufacturers realized that it would be much easier -- for everyone involved -- to have new versions distributed through Google Play or their own app store.

OnePlus has reached the same conclusion, and today it announces that updates for Community, Gallery, Launcher and Weather will be rolled out through Google Play, in what is referred to as "Individual Application Update."

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Stack Overflow introduces salary calculator for developers

money signs

Stack Overflow has introduced a salary calculator to help developers get a better idea of how much money they should earn. The tool takes into account important information such as job location, years of experience and technologies used to reveal what it considers to be typical salaries.

Stack Overflow says that the results are based on the data collected in its yearly developer survey. The salary calculator currently supports five markets -- Canada, France, Germany, US and UK -- and seven major cities -- Toronto, Paris, Berlin, New York, San Francisco, Seattle and London.

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Synology announces DS918+, DS718+, DS218+ and DS418 NAS devices

Synology DS918+

Synology has updated its range of NAS devices aimed at prosumers, announcing the four-bay DS918+ and DS418 and the two-bay DS718+ and DS218+. Synology also unveiled its first six-bay tower NAS, called DS3018xs, which is designed with businesses in mind.

The DS918+, DS718+ and DS218+ are part of Synology's plus range, which is optimized for bigger workloads. The DS418, meanwhile, is meant to appeal to price-conscious buyers that are looking to store a significant amount of data.

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Cryptocurrency market recovers: Bitcoin back over $4,000, Ethereum rebounds to $290

Bitcoin Ethereum BTC ETH

The cryptocurrency market is recovering well after shedding over $75 billion last week in what was a major post-rally correction. News that China banned ICOs and a rumored ban on Bitcoin exchanges in the country have not brought the market to its knees, as its capitalization is now up by around $40 billion since the low reached only a few days ago.

Many "experts" have linked the correction to the bad news from China, claiming that it will be very hard for the major coins to recover. Ethereum was expected to be hit the most, as the ICO ban means its appeal in China would be severely limited, but it posts the second-largest growth post-correction of the top 10 coins.

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Bitcoin drops below $3,000, Ethereum falls under $200

Bitcoin Ethereum BTC ETH

The correction in the cryptocurrency market continues. All of the major coins are in the red once again today, pushing the market cap under the $100 billion mark. Since the beginning of September, more than $75 billion has been wiped out, partly due to China, which was-recently rumored to be seeking a Bitcoin ban.

The most valuable cryptocurrency, Bitcoin, just dipped under $3,000 on September 15 for the first time since early-August. Yesterday, it was trading for around $3,500. That is a drop of 40 percent since its $5,000 peak. Its market cap has taken a beating as well, falling under $50 billion.

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Bitcoin drops to $3,500 after China ban rumors


The cryptocurrency market is now in a massive correction which has wiped out over $50 billion from its market cap high reached at the beginning of the month. The downward pressure seems to center on rumors that China wants to ban Bitcoin, the most valuable cryptocurrency.

I say rumors because there seems to be no official information from China that a ban is, indeed, in the cards. That has not stopped various websites from giving them too much credence, which adds to the instability that we have seen recently.

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iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus: Which Apple flagship should you buy?

Apple iPhone X vs iPhone 8 vs iPhone 8 Plus

With the new iPhone X, Apple just made it more difficult to decide which new iPhone to buy. It is no longer a matter of figuring out which display size you prefer or how nice you would like the camera to be. The new kid on the block is different, coming with all sorts of cool features that can make you more confused than ever.

It's so different from the iPhone 8 and the iPhone 8 Plus that it is basically in a category of its own, at the top of Apple's smartphone lineup. But how does it actually compare to the other two flagships, and is it the right iPhone for you?

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When will Apple release macOS 10.13 High Sierra?

Apple MacBook Pro macOS 10.13 High Sierra

Apple previewed macOS 10.13 High Sierra at WWDC 2017 in June, but it will not officially release the latest version of the Mac operating system until this fall. But, when exactly is it coming?

Apple has updated the macOS 10.13 High Sierra landing page on its website to announce that it will be released on September 25, just two weeks from now.

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Apple announces AirPower wireless charging pad

Apple AirPower wireless charging pad

When Apple joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC) early this year, it became clear that we would see an iPhone with wireless charging. What we did not know for sure is whether this feature would be available in this year's generation.

Today we have our answer: the new iPhone X, iPhone 8 and iPhone 8 Plus all come with wireless charging support out of the box. And, for users to take advantage of this functionality, Apple also announced a wireless charging pad, called AirPower.

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Yes, you will pay $1,000+ for the new iPhone

secrets shock surprise man woman

Some tech pundits are living on a different planet, because why else would they question whether consumers will spend $1,000+ on the new iPhone X? Even Barclays got in on this, making the absurd claim that Apple needs to sweeten the deal to get people interested. Are you kidding me?

Unless you have been living under a rock for the past couple of years, a $1,000 iPhone is not out of this world. Apple sells the top-tier iPhone 7 Plus for $969, and I find it really, really hard to believe that the company will hesitate to cross the $1,000 mark with this completely new flagship.

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Xiaomi announces Mi Note 3 mid-ranger with dual camera

Xiaomi Mi Note 3

A while back, there used to be a clear differentiation between flagship and mid-range smartphones. You could tell which one is which in an instant. These days, however, the lines are blurred. The design is more similar but, most importantly, features that were once seen only on high-end devices are trickling down the line, reaching mid-rangers and entry-level options.

The new Mi Note 3 that Xiaomi just announced is a perfect example. Looking at it, it is hard to tell that this is a mid-range smartphone. It features a lovely design, large screen, there's a fingerprint sensor embedded in the home button, it has a dual camera on the back, and it also has some pretty impressive specs too.

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