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Cloudbleed: Cloudflare leaks sensitive data, many major websites affected

cloudbleed 2

Security researchers from Google's Project Zero have uncovered a critical bug in Cloudflare which allowed sensitive data -- like passwords, cookies and encryption keys -- from many hosted websites to leak online.

Patreon, Y Combinator, Medium, 4chan, Yelp, OKCupid, Zendesk, Uber and 23and Me are among the most-important affected websites. This security issue is so important that it is now being referred to as cloudbleed.

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Samsung Secure Folder for Android safeguards your private data


If you want to secure your Galaxy smartphone, the first thing that you should do is set up a screen lock. But what if you want to go a bit further, and protect specific things on the device? Well, Samsung just released Secure Folder, which gives you a "private, encrypted space" to store sensitive data in.

Secure Folder is derived from Knox, the company's secure platform for business users, and can be seen as a consumer-focused iteration. It acts as a sandbox for apps and data and works with existing authentication options to keep them safe.

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Sony's new SF-G Series features the 'world's fastest' SD cards

Sony SF-G Series 128gb

Sony today unveils a new line of SD cards aimed at DSLR and mirrorless camera users wanting to capture high-resolution photos and record 4K videos. Called SF-G Series, it has the "world's fastest" SD cards, featuring write speeds of up to 299MB/s.

The SF-G Series currently includes three storage options, namely 32GB, 64GB and 128GB, and is designed to keep data safe and maintain performance over time.

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Samsung unveils Exynos 9 Series 8895 flagship processor -- will likely power the Galaxy S8


Samsung started manufacturing new mobile processors using the 10nm FinFET technology last year, but it is not only until today that we learn about its first product to take advantage of it. It's called Exynos 9 Series 8895, and it is the high-end chip likely to power its upcoming flagship, the Galaxy S8.

Being a flagship mobile processor, the Exynos 9 Series 8895 has all the bells and whistles and the performance credentials to match its status. The boost in performance can be attributed to the transition to the 10nm FinFET manufacturing technology, which made way for a 27 percent improvement in terms of performance and a 40 percent decrease in power consumption, compared to the 14nm FinFET process.

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Apple opens spaceship campus in April


While construction of Apple's immense spaceship campus, officially known as Apple Park, will continue well into 2017, the iPhone maker today announces that the first employees will move in in just a couple of months.

In April, Apple will start moving over 12,000 people to its new 175-acre campus. The iPhone maker says that it will need more than half a year to finish this process.

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Kaspersky launches 'secure operating system' -- with no trace of Linux in it


Every once in a while a major software company takes us by surprise by releasing an operating system of its own. Kaspersky has done just that with its new KasperskyOS, which is designed for control systems, Internet of Things devices, and network devices. The most intriguing thing about the 14-year project? It has no Linux underpinnings.

If you want to create your own operating system, basing it on Linux is an obvious choice. The open-source kernel is tried and true, after all, and best of all it's free, so if you want a solid foundation it is a great option. But, "for different applications and purposes," Kaspersky went a different route.

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TransferWise's Facebook Messenger bot lets you transfer money internationally

TransferWise Facebook Messenger bot

Top messaging services have evolved past their basic role, as the major players in this market look to differentiate their offerings from the rest of the crowd. Facebook, for instance, added a bot platform to Messenger last year to make it more relevant to businesses and consumers.

Through bots, businesses provide better customer service while consumers can more easily get in touch with service providers. The platform has quickly gained traction, with the latest addition to the fold being international money transfer service TransferWise.

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WhatsApp updates statuses with Snapchat-inspired functionality

WhatsApp Status large

Messaging apps are not just about chatting these days. Every player that counts wants to bring something extra to the table to keep users hooked and attract new ones in the process. WhatsApp is no different, as it is now rolling out an updated status feature that lets users share more than just basic messages.

"We are excited to announce that, coinciding with WhatsApp's eight birthday on February 24, we are reinventing the status feature", says WhatsApp CEO Jan Koum. The update gives users the option to also share photos and videos.

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Chuwi's Hi13 Windows 10 hybrid retails for $369, promises Ubuntu support


The Chuwi Hi13 is a very interesting proposition in the Windows tablet market. It has a display similar to that of the Microsoft Surface Book, support for a detachable keyboard and stylus, expansion ports, and competitive internals, but, unlike the devices that it has in its crosshairs, it features a really attractive price tag.

When I discussed the Hi13 earlier this year, I mentioned that Chuwi expected to sell the device for around $500 or less, which seemed like a fair price considering everything that it has to offer. However, as it turns out, the Hi13 will actually retail for much less -- $369 to be exact. The value proposition is hard to beat.

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LG G6's highlight is its 5.7-inch 'FullVision' QHD+ display

LG logo sign

If you want your latest and greatest smartphone to stand out from the crowd probably the best thing that you can do is not announce it at a major show like MWC. That's because many manufacturers will be fighting for the public's attention, as they will unveil dozens of devices in the span of a couple of days.

So, LG is trying to get ahead of everyone else by sharing some juicy details about its upcoming G6 flagship now. The highlight is the 5.7-inch QHD+ display that is said to fill the front of the device "almost entirely".

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Samsung will officially unveil Galaxy S8 after MWC 2017

Samsung logo building

Samsung is expected to introduce the successors to the hugely popular Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge soon. Considering that new devices in the series were introduced during Mobile World Congress in recent years, this year's event seems like a safe bet as to when the unveiling will take place.

However, an official announcement from Samsung indicates that the Galaxy S8 and Galaxy S8 edge will actually make their debut later in the year. Samsung is still expected to present them during an Unpacked event, but it will no longer take place during MWC as it did before.

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Microsoft unveils Windows Insider program for enterprise users

Windows 10 finger

Microsoft may have a "mobile first, cloud first" mantra, but we shouldn't forget that the software giant is also highly invested in the enterprise market as well. It's incredibly lucrative, as business clients spend billions upon billions of dollars on its products, a list of which includes the likes of Windows and Office.

So, naturally, when Microsoft is working on a product it has to take that into account as well. With Windows 10 things have been going rather well, if you compare it to Windows 8, when it comes to enterprise adoption, but the software giant is looking to improve things with a new Windows Insider program aimed at businesses, referred to as WIP4Biz.

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Microsoft officially debuts Outlook.com Premium -- but who is it for?


While most of us are perfectly fine using a free email service, like Gmail or Outlook.com, Microsoft believes that there is an audience for its new Outlook.com Premium tier that offers an ad-free experience and access to extra features for $19.95 per year.

Outlook.com Premium can be considered the replacement for the Ad-free plan, the latter of which cost the same but only dropped the ads in exchange -- a high price to pay for what you can do for free with a simple browser plug-in. Outlook.com Premium, on the other hand, is way better value for money, and here's why.

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Upcoming iPhone might get Qi wireless charging, as Apple joins WPC

iPhone wireless charging

One of the things that the iPhone is missing compared to some of its main Android rivals is wireless charging support. While this may not sound like a major omission, many consumers nowadays -- especially buyers in this segment -- expect a modern smartphone to have this technology. And it looks like Apple might finally offer it.

In what can only be considered as a big first step towards an iPhone with wireless charging support, Apple has joined the Wireless Power Consortium (WPC), the group responsible for promoting the Qi standard that is prevalent in devices that offer wireless charging -- like the Samsung Galaxy S7.

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LG comes up with a fix for UltraFine 5K's Wi-Fi problems, but owners won't like it

Face palm

The LG UltraFine 5K is supposed to be the monitor to get if you're a MacBook user wanting a modern, high-resolution Thunderbolt display. On paper it certainly looks like it. It even has Apple's endorsement, being presented by the company at its October event last year, alongside the latest MacBook Pros.

But, as we just found out, the UltraFine 5K has a serious problem: it can't deal with Wi-Fi interferences, which makes it unusable around routers. For a device that costs almost $1,000, that is a serious issue. The good news is that LG has come up with a fix. The bad news is that existing owners are not going to like it.

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