Get the right screen resolution with Window Size

Normally, when you resize a PC application window, you don’t particularly care about its final resolution. You’re just looking to make sure that it has room to display something (a website, say), or you might be reducing a window to make room for something else.

There may be occasional exceptions, though: you might need to take a screen grab of a window at a specific resolution, for instance, or a certain aspect ratio. Changing your display resolution may help, or of course you could resize your window, check the results and resize again until you get it right -- but Window Size could offer a more convenient solution.

The program is portable and extremely small (a 20KB download), so it’s very convenient to use. And the process starts by choosing the preferred resolution of your target window from the options available (or click “Custom” and enter whatever you like).

By default Window Size will assume you might want to maximize your window, and so the program automatically tweaks your chosen resolution to take account of the border, taskbar and so on. If you won’t be maximizing anything, and just want a window that’s 640×480 (or whatever) pixels in size, then you’ll need to clear both checkboxes.

Finally, click the first “Click here”, link, then click the window in question, and that’s it -- Window Size will automatically adjust your target window to your specified resolution. You can now take a screen grab, check how it looks, or otherwise do whatever you need to do, before getting Window Size to restore the original window size, if necessary.

We would recommend you use the program with a little caution. It’s possible to specify ridiculously small window resolutions (1×1), and then resize dialogs if they’re not even resizable, which means buttons and other controls may become invisible. And if the application in question has code based on its window size, then this might crash if the values are outside of an expected range.

If you just need to set an application window to a specific resolution for some reason, though, and that’s well within its normal range, you’re unlikely to have any problems. In which case Window Size could prove a convenient and time-saving addition to your desktop toolkit.

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